Planning and Operations

Government programs need to produce results. Schedules and program management are important enablers for organizing and executing the actions and team work needed to get something done. CSA manages multi-dimensional processes of PMOs and the strategic balance between cost, process and schedule, the foundation for managing successful programs. At CSA we offer clients services to plan, execute and manage program schedules. 

Future Force Requirements Planning

Combining subject matter expertise with our disciplined approach, we assess threats and the future operational environment to include emerging technologies to develop future requirements in all domains.  

Command and Control Operations

CSA provides 24/7 operations support for all threats/all hazards from pre-incident, through response, to recovery. We monitor, collect, and share information and perform knowledge management to maintain situational awareness. 

Concept Development and Experimentation

We research and evaluate existing and emerging sustainment processes, future concepts, force designs and organizational relationships. From experiments and wargames to seminars and studies, our services provide critical insights into the future force. 

Global Force Management

Through our analysis of force assignments, allocations, and apportionment methodologies, we identify capabilities required to support the rapidly evolving mission requirements of Combatant Commanders. 

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