CSA selects a technologist to lead its Northeast regional operations

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September 12, 2018 — MECHANICSBURG, Pa.— CSA has announced its new Northeast regional director, Rob Savarese. Selecting the U.S. Air Force veteran with more than 30-years of industry experience may seem a natural choice, but his highly-technical background is what may come as a surprise.

In April of this year, CSA repositioned itself with a bold new look and mission that puts people, technology, information and knowledge at the core of its business. The firm is investing heavily in designing solutions to drive client productivity by using a blend of these core strategies. CSA’s decision to put the leadership of the firm’s most geographically-disperse and client-diverse region in the hands of a technologist will speed up this transformative process.

“Technologists think differently,” said Brian Keller, CSA’s chief operating officer. “And that’s what we need. They have a unique way of approaching challenges to offer solutions that are innovative and bold. We knew it would be tough to find someone with a technology and process improvement background as well as exceptional leadership skills, and we were fortunate to have someone right under our noses. Rob’s experience will bring a fresh and exciting perspective to the management of our operations as we implement our new technology-focused mission.”

Savarese is known to deliver solutions for clients from a unique perspective within the consulting industry: he looks for low-cost, high-impact solutions. “Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, long-development times aren’t always a possibility,” said Savarese. “Today’s program managers don’t have the flexibility, or the budget, to build over developed solutions that might easily be made obsolete by the next wave of technological advancements. By making improvements that are need-based and value-driving, you can solve problems faster, cheaper and with less risk. This is the same approach CSA is counting on me to use to lead the Northeast region as we push the limits of what’s possible to power our people with technology.”

Savarese will oversee operations for all of CSA’s physical and satellite offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Prior to this role, Savarese was the program manager and senior database administrator for the Defense Logistics Agency in Philadelphia. He joined CSA in 2013 with more than 24 years of experience in database design and engineering, information technology, and training, working for large tech firms like CSC and Oracle. Before joining the private sector, Savarese served nearly 12 years in the U.S. Air Force as an instructor pilot.

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