CSA leads bot development behind Navy firewall

By April 23, 2020 No Comments

April 21, 2020. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Client Solution Architects (CSA) is establishing robotic process automation (RPA) as a go-to resource for automating monotonous activities within the Navy, most specifically behind sophisticated firewalls.    

Federal agencies are asked to find innovative ways to become more efficient, either through partial or full digital transformation effortsCSA has made great strides to make RPA a viable solution to help clients automate their repetitive, day-to-day tasks.  

CSA  partnered  with the leading  RPA  platform  provider,  UiPath,  to  implement  one of the Navy’s first bots behind the NMCI firewall.  From pilot to full production, the tool immediately increased  both  speed and accuracy of tasks  as well as allowed  the  team  to shift their efforts from  data entry and manipulation to data analytics and forecasting.  

RPA is at the forefront of digital transformation efforts due to its low startup cost and implementation time,” said Adam Casler, CSA’s Director of Technology Strategy and Innovation. “Our RPA experts are either advising or leading RPA enterprise capabilities. We are incredibly proud of the positive impact we’ve made on the Navy’s environment, and we are excited to watch our other RPA implementations drive cost and time savingsIt’s important to remember that RPA is only one tool an organization should use in its digital transformation effortsbut it can result in incredible time and cost savings when implemented correctly.” 

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