Our Expertise

In a fast-paced, dynamic and digital world,

our knowledge workers move our clients to where they need to be. We build lasting partnerships through information, technology, transformative thinking and a unique service delivery approach to bring government agencies the expertise they need to execute their programs. We are on a mission to transform how our public-sector clients utilize people, technology, information and knowledge in the twenty-first century.

Public Sector Focused

Our services and expertise are applied to some of the most complex technologies, business processes and government missions. We have specialized skills in public administration and government processes, from national defense and protecting the homeland to healthcare and implementing large-scale public policy changes.

Domain Expertise

Weapon Systems

CSA helps our nation procure, develop, field, upgrade and sustain weapon systems. We provide services to help DoD weapon system program offices manage the demands and complexities of the DoD acquisition process.

C4I Systems

CSA works with defense, intelligence and DHS agencies to acquire and support C4ISR systems. We help our government clients manage and tailor their acquisition, engineering, contracting, financial management, program management and support processes to enable the speed and agility needed to keep pace with technology advancements and innovation.

Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Life-cycle Sustainment Systems and Processes

CSA works with government organizations responsible for managing billions of dollars in inventory of spare, repair and consumable supplies and materials. We help design life cycle support strategies and plans to provide the highest levels of readiness for infrastructures, weapon systems and technologies. Our planning and analytic capabilities help clients synchronize their supply chains and gain enterprise-wide inventory management, effective demand planning and asset visibility to meet readiness goals while minimizing costs to taxpayers.

Enterprise IT Systems and Program Organizations

CSA helps government agencies and CIO’s acquire and manage their enterprise IT technologies and processes. From acquisition, operations and performance improvement, to software license management and IT procurement, CSA’s helps IT organizations implement agile business processes to keep pace with the digital transformation era coming into the public sector.

Cyber Security Systems and Organizations

From information security managers, information assurance consultants and business security systems analysts, our experts are working to defend technology infrastructures from cyber threats. We work with systems to protect hardware, software, supporting process, training and services that are developed to support cybersecurity missions.

Homeland Security Technologies and Infrastructures

Agencies within the DoD and DHS may serve different missions, but they all rely on an array of complex equipment and systems to reach their goals. We specialize in supporting the development, purchase, sustainment, logistics and supply chain of major acquisitions, technologies and infrastructures.

Healthcare IT, Infrastructures and Supply Chains

Healthcare systems have complex and costly supply chain costs. CSA helps public sector healthcare organizations design, implement and sustain improved supply chain processes and supporting IT systems. We help bring the power of analytics to plan and forecast and discover insights into supplier performance and cost as well as more effectively manage inventory

Strategic Planning and Communications Program Offices

CSA helps strategic planning leaders and program offices manage the strategic planning and execution process. We help design and implement planning processes, performance management systems and initiative program management. We help clients execute strategic communications to include media relations, stakeholder communications and social media.

Company Recognitions