Our Core Values

Our culture is centered around a common set of six core values: Fulfillment, Empowerment, Self-Improvement, Teamwork, Individuality and Client Service. We use “FESTIC” to guide how we treat each other and our clients.


CSAmazing Race

Teams of CSAers scour their cities to complete challenges in an all day scavenger hunt.

CSA Rocks!

CSAers come together virtually to wave the coveted CSA Rocks! towel to meet weekly challenges.

Field Days

A new take on annual corporate meetings.
Celebrate our accomplishments with friends, family and fun.



CSA offers a robust health care package including dental and vision. Our 401k with employee matching and profit sharing program empowers you to control your future.

Growth Opportunities

New leadership and corporate positions are always internally competed before we look to external candidates. No one knows us better than our people. Offering new and open positions to our people first allows CSAers to try new roles and support their professional growth.


Our employees have our leaderships’ trust 100% when it comes to delivering innovative solutions to our clients. Our people are confident they can tackle the most challenging issues because CSA has their back.


We believe you must have confidence in your abilities, so we offer unique ways for our people to personally share each other’s strengths.


Tuition Reimbursement

Improving your productivity is one of our key tenets of our corporate ethos. That is why all employees have access to tuition reimbursement for certificates, training, conferences and degrees. We want our employees to tackle their educational pursuits head-on.

Training and Development

We want each employee to perform at their best. We offer unique and innovative ways for our people to access leadership, soft skills, and functional training. We are constantly evolving our initiatives to keep pace with evolving technology.


Communities of Practice

We utilize communities of practice to manage our dynamic and large network of experts. As we tackle client challenges in a rapidly evolving environment, the sharing of knowledge, information and technology is imperative.

CSA Adventures

Sometimes we like to get a little extreme with our teamwork. We offer international excursions, team relay races, 5k’s and scavenger hunts to get our CSAers working together outside of the office. Sometimes it takes running over 200 miles with fellow CSAers to understand the power of teams.


We celebrate people that are different than us. We don’t want people exactly like us because we want new perspectives. Our clients are faced with daily challenges that sometimes require a unique perspective to solve our challenges.

Client Service

Creating Superior Client Experiences

We believe great companies don’t just state customer/client service is a core value – they specifically define it and uphold the standards throughout the entire company to provide a consistently amazing client service experience. CSA’s Client Service Core Value focuses on creating a high-performing environment for our clients and ourselves, and challenges us to strive for peak levels of performance and innovation. Every employee operates under a language and behavioral social contract known as our Client Service Vision Statement: Create high-performing environments by establishing trust and lasting connections.


Provide clients with quality insights by mastering the fundamentals and leveraging the collective genius.


Adapt and customize client interactions to develop genuine relationships that bring value.


Always go above and beyond client expectations by providing value in new ways.



building a culture.

CSA was built on taking care of our employees, which started the day our doors opened. Culture is a powerful word, and we don’t use it lightly here. We work relentlessly to build our culture and create a place that people not only love to work at but where people can excel and grow.

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