Effective government programs begin with a well-defined strategy.


Today’s public sector environment is complex and challenging. Agencies need to be agile, self-monitoring and always looking over-the-horizon. They need to create strategies, assess their ability to execute and communicate internally and externally.

Program Strategies and Alternatives

Strategic planning, even more so in the digital age, needs to be adaptable, agile and produce results. When organizational strategies are disconnected from execution, organizations may struggle with strategic direction and alignment. CSA helps clients execute strategic planning processes that identify strategic opportunities, differentiation, goals and actionable initiatives to make the strategy a reality. CSA uses best practices and processes to manage the execution of the strategic plan, initiatives, alignment and reporting.

Transformation Roadmaps and Assessments

Every organization is different, and a traditional “one-size-fits-all,” command-and-control based governance doesn’t have the scope or agility to meet the complex and unique needs of today’s agencies. Supporting long-range objectives with shorter planning horizons provides focused roadmaps and organizational direction. CSA helps clients assess their transformation journey plans, methods and readiness to help link business plans, strategic objectives and program initiatives. Through strategy assessment, modeling and business case analysis, CSA helps clients document and visualize a roadmap of activities, goals, capabilities and actions needed to bring a vision to reality.

Organizational Change Management

Strategic shifts are a challenge to manage at any organization, even those with a sound strategy and roadmap in place. Evidence shows programs that implement and execute organizational change management programs have significantly higher success rates and generate more positive organizational results. At CSA, our organizational change management services are based on best practices and methodologies. We help clients develop effective in-house change management programs and then guide them in executing, measuring and adapting their program to drive success.

Strategic Communication

Strategic communication plans are central to an organization’s desire to be more transparent, both internally and externally. An organization without enterprise understanding, buy-in and confidence struggles to meet strategic objectives and organizational goals. CSA’s team of strategic communicators develop, examine, and evaluate key approaches to communication development using data analysis, digital tools and collaboration. CSA helps clients prepare communication strategies to inform, influence, and persuade audiences to achieve mission objectives through the design and creation of communication products such as video, audio, photography, multimedia, mobile, social media and web solutions that result in state-of-the-art innovative solutions.

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