Program Execution

Driving government programs to great results.

Program Execution

The day-to-day detailed execution of government programs is hard work and often has high public visibility and risk.  At CSA, we provide public sector clients with a suite of services, knowledge and technology solutions that help drive the most productivity from the regulatory, programmatic, technical and personnel requirements and responsibilities of running a government program.  Our services drive outcomes, measure performance and provide meaningful insight into program performance to understand areas of success, risk and change.

Acquisition Management

The government processes and organizations responsible for acquiring systems and services need to be agile. The complex challenges of today’s digital environment and changing government roles and responsibilities are making it hard for public sector organizations to acquire systems and infrastructures timely and efficiently. CSA’s experts combine fundamental acquisition framework knowledge with leading-edge process improvement and automation technologies to help clients develop prototyping strategies, implement innovative processes and apply agile development approaches. CSA teams with clients to improve acquisition strategies, define and determine requirements and ultimately help clients acquire capability faster and with greater visibility and accountability.

Contract Management

The Federal government issues and administers well over 3 million contracts totaling over $450 billion annually. Contracting and contract administration is a complex, highly regulated process that can be time consuming.  With increasing and evolving demands, contracting specialists spend more time on contract administration and management than they do on value added actions such as negotiation, driving innovation, establishing partnership strategies with vendors, proactive risk management and other actions that generate value from their procurements. CSA provides knowledge and technology-based productivity solutions to infuse speed and agility into the contracting process, ultimately optimizing how clients procure systems and services and reducing manpower reliance for routine tasks. CSA teams with clients to conduct market research, develop request for proposals, conduct proposal evaluations, negotiate pricing, assess performance, administer contracts and perform contract closeouts.

Integrated Logistics Support, Life Cycle Sustainment

Agencies such as DoD and DHS that rely on complex weapon systems and technology assets, implement programs that ensure these systems are maintained and supported to achieve high readiness. But, to keep pace with technology advancements while sustaining readiness, program managers must make constant trade-offs between cost and readiness investments and resource allocation. CSA’s experts model and analyze readiness objectives against the complete range of logistics interdependencies and develop logistics support plans that deliver the right readiness at the right cost. CSA has a long and successful history in logistics and life cycle sustainment and is recognized for its experts who have worked directly in military and commercial logistics organizations.

Supply Chain Planning and Optimization

Supply chains are constantly challenged with balancing readiness, technology, transportation, cost, operational tempo and inventory. For federal organizations, the global deployment of systems and infrastructures demands robust supply chain risk management strategies to mitigate procurement, external and environmental risks. CSA helps clients assess supply chain performance, investment and risks to optimize readiness levels. CSA’s supply chain operations experts have modeling and statistical analyses capabilities to enable clients to improve supply chain performance and conduct trade-offs to improve overall readiness.

Cyber Security, Information Assurance, Assessment, Engineering and Compliance

Securing data, networks, equipment and infrastructure is every public-sector CIO’s and system security officer’s top priority. Compliance and reporting is complex, and without a highly productive compliance process, federal security leaders lack confidence in their security programs. CSA’s cyber security experts utilize the Risk Management Framework process to integrate information security and risk management activities into the system development cycle to take the complexity out of compliance and reporting.

Program Management Office Operations

Government program management offices are a fast-paced, constantly changing work environment. Synchronizing the efforts and actions of PMO disciplines in engineering, security, strategy, policy, finance and budgeting, human capital and logistics is needed to achieve program success. CSA helps governments PMO’s stand up and operate high-performing teams within program offices. CSA blends subject matter expertise, PMO processes, knowledge management and processes improvement strategies to create tailored approaches to more productive and efficient teams. We focus on the culture and work environment needed to create team work and results. We provide technology based solutions to create and manage integrated master schedules, conduct risk analysis and help programs stay on course to deliver.

Program and Portfolio Management

Government programs need to produce results. Schedules and program management are important enablers for organizing and executing the actions and team work needed to get something done. CSA manages multi-dimensional processes of PMOs and the strategic balance between cost, process and schedule, the foundation for managing successful programs. At CSA we offer clients services to plan, execute and manage program schedules.

Business Financial Management

Winning at the budget table and timely execution of budgets is one of the most important jobs of a government program manager. Program managers need to have the tools and knowledge to defend their budgets, have value-oriented cost discussions and address trade-offs that may be needed for their program’s success. CSA’s expertise and analytic technologies allow program managers to improve segments of the federal financial process to better develop, defend and manage budgets. CSA’s financial analysts run models, operate agency financial management systems and create forecasts to walk clients through “what if” drills, track obligations and expenditures and reconcile all financial aspects of the program.

Security Cooperation and Assistance

Partnering with international allies maximizes the operational readiness and security of the U.S. and international partners. The integrity of each foreign military sales mission is contingent upon a unique blend of subject matter expertise and a proactive business model to ensure that compliance, controls and program objectives are met. CSA partners with clients to identify opportunities, assess letters of offer and acceptance and provide comprehensive technical support of foreign military sales initiatives. Our FMS experts exercise strict compliance standards of the Security Cooperation and Assistance Program and the Arms Export Control Act.

Human Capital Management

With well over 5 million civilian, active duty and reserve personnel, the U.S. federal government operates one of the largest and most complex human resource management, training, education and manpower planning processes and systems in the world.  As workforce demographics change in the federal workforce and military, new ways of managing these processes and the underlying technology systems used to perform HR are emerging. CSA leverages tools and methodologies to create robust strategies to maximize performance and employee satisfaction and drives value out of existing investments by integrating low-cost, high-impact solutions to improve process functionality. CSA helps clients design executable human capital technology strategies and provides organizational change management services to help guide the transformation of new HR and training programs to success.

Systems Engineering and Integration

The increase of disparate datasets and processes is increasing at a rapid pace, and so the need for interconnected systems has never been more prevalent. Understanding the interplay of leveraged technology and relational databases is crucial to the emergence of these transformative information systems. At CSA, we collaborate on designing systems that scale, adapt and eliminate constraints. Our clients make informed decisions, visualizing the art of the possible through prototyping and simulations while also understanding the technologies, standards and integrations that comprise each solution.

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