CSA awarded GSA IT Schedule 70 For IT Services

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December 20, 2017—MECHANICSBURG, Pa.—Client Solution Architects LLC has been awarded a five-year schedule contract by General Services Administration (GSA) for information technology services and products. The contract is under the IT Schedule 70 program and allows government clients to purchase a full range of IT services and solutions. This award adds to the suite of GSA contracts CSA holds including OASIS Pool 3 Small Business, 871-1 Professional Engineering services and the GSA 874-1 Integrated Consulting Services.

“The GSA Schedule 70 award is really exciting for us and gives CSA increased contracting capability,” said Jay Heroux, CSA Executive Vice President. “We are seeing increasing demands from our clients and across the government to bring forward IT solutions that drive better productivity. Digital transformation in government is happening today, and CSA brings a unique perspective to generate productivity gains by integrating technology, automation, data and subject matter expertise and aligning it with our passion for creating and managing high performing teams.”

Government agencies face continued budget pressure, fast-paced operations, and the stress of doing more with less. Under IT Schedule 70, CSA will offer expertise to help clients design and implement technology platforms and solutions that drive better productivity and enable digital transformation in government. CSA will offer clients services in analytics, process automation, workflow automation, knowledge management and application development and support for a wide range of government business processes and productivity improvement focus areas.

The new CSA GSA schedule can be found on and all of CSA’s GSA schedules can be found at the GSA eLibrary.

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