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CSA Kicks-off its Inaugural Town Hall Post its Acquisition of Capstone LLC

November 22, 2021 – MECHANICSBURG, Pa. Client Solution Architects LLC (CSA) completed its first series of combined town halls since its acquisition of Capstone LLC in July 2021. CSA’s newly appointed CEO, Amy Bleken, welcomed Capstone employees and spoke to the company’s integration efforts, strategic way forward and the year’s upcoming unified benefits.  Along…

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Client Solution Architects Kicks Off its Joint Multinational Simulations Center Contract in Europe

September 01, 2021.  GRAFENWOHR, Germany. Client Solution Architects LLC (CSA) announced the kick-off of its Joint Multinational Simulations Center (JMSC) contract in Grafenwohr, Germany. Capstone LLC, the wholly-owned subsidiary of CSA, was awarded the $72M contract in May 2021 with the full performance starting in Europe as of September 1, 2021. Under this contract, CSA supports the JMSC hub-and-spoke…

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