Our commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability

CSA was founded on Guidance Consulting, our corporate ethos. This ethos guides strategic decision making and steers the way we run our company to we make business decisions. Our three guiding principle are long-term over short-run, maximize productivity and corporate social responsibility.

Each pillar works together to create a better environment that encourages environmental, social and economic sustainability. As a large business, we hold ourselves and our employees accountable for leaving our planet a better place.

CSA has employee-led and company sanctioned sustainability programs and initiatives that provide opportunities to lessen our carbon footprint.

Energy reduction. Finding and implementing energy-saving efficiencies in the workplace helps reduce our carbon footprint. CSA’s San Diego office is currently Energy Star Rated and we are actively looking into upgrading our other locations using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification standard. Our current energy efficiency program includes the following initiatives:

  • Motion Detection lights are installed in our San Diego office to minimize unnecessary energy usage when rooms are not in use
  • CSA invests in florescent energy saving light bulbs
  • CSA fax machines, printers and copiers automatically go into standby when not in use after a set period of time
  • Each office has a LAN internet connection option for employees to minimize energy usage
  • All printers are Energy Star Environmental Choice
  • Windows are tinted to cut down on heat entering the office to reduce cooling costs
  • Office bathrooms have motion-controlled paper towel and soap dispensers and sink faucets installed to cut down on excess waste
  • HVAC systems at all our locations do not run during evenings, weekends, or holidays
  • In our Mid-Atlantic region, we use a workshare space that is shared with other companies, minimizing our overall electrical footprint

Recycle. CSA implements a recycling plan at each CSA office.

  • Paper, cans and bottles are collected daily and recycled
  • Used batteries and print cartridges are recycled and/or reused
  • CSA corporate cell-phones are donated to local charities for extended usage
  • An e-cycler collects obsolete laptop and desktop computers, peripherals, bad cell phones and other small electronics to recycle. Some computers are donated to local charities
  • All shredded paper is recycled

Paperless environment. A paperless environment is far more efficient and environmentally friendly than constantly printing and filing paperwork.

  • All employees are encouraged to go paperless with their paystubs and corporate credit card accounts; the majority of CSA employees have opted to go paperless
  • Payroll and timekeeping are web-based and paperless
  • Marketing and recruiting materials and brochures are printed on an as-needed basis to minimize waste

Travel Reduction. In today’s age of technology, it is not necessary to meet in person. To cut down on travel and reduce the average carbon footprint of our employees, CSA invests in various peer-to-peer services and software, and implements telecommute and travel preferences.

  • Point-to-point video tele-conference equipment has been installed at specific offices to minimize the need for travel
  • CSA invests in multiple online meeting services and software to allow communication with peers by voice, video and instant messaging
  • CSA utilizes a voice-over-internet protocol service and software application to conduct long distance video interviews
  • CSA allows offsite telecommuting when possible to minimize daily commutes and unnecessary carbon emissions
  • CSA encourages carpooling when multiple employees are on travel together

CSA’s sustainability goals.

  • Establish a mechanism for tracking and measuring e-waste with the goal of significantly increasing recycled e-waste
  • Establish an employee education initiative to educate employees on paper waste awareness, including alternatives to paper printing
  • Perform a business case analysis to assess the feasibility of LEED certifying all our offices
  • For new locations, CSA plans to implement a Green Policy based on the LEED triple bottom line philosophy, to be fully operational on day one of operations
  • All future purchases of appliances and hardware will be Energy Star rated
  • All office supply purchases will be made from at least 10% recycled material