To truly effect change at work, home, and in our communities, CSA must focus on our greatest resource, our people, helping each employee reach their fullest potential. We hold as true that every CSA employee plays a crucial and measureable role in the success of our clients and our company, while also acting as a catalyst to promote greater social responsibility. Among the many investments in our workforce is the establishment of the CSA Institute to educate our workforce on Guidance Consulting. The Institute provides industry specific training consisting of a core curriculum, specialized technical training, and leadership education. Inherent in this investment in employee education are business ethics and social responsibility.

By incorporating the principles and tenets of Guidance Consulting, we focus on the productivity of each employee as a means to promote our people, refine our processes, and deliver our products, consistent with our core values of ensuring greater opportunity, stability, and security. Guidance Consulting provides the framework to identify and recognize opportunities at the individual, process, or product level and broadly disperse these through a series of corporate investments in our workforce. To unleash the full potential of each employee, we must equip him or her with the tools and opportunities to Do Great Things at work, at home, and in their communities. CSA’s methodology to facilitate success includes our investment in employees, empowerment of employees, and recognition of employees.