CSA’s Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Awarded Contract to Support Joint Chiefs of Staff

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September 20, 2021 – FAIRFAX, Va. Client Solution Architects LLC (CSA) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Capstone Corporation, won a contract to deliver electromagnetic warfare strategy, planning and policy to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS). 

The CJCS serves as the principal military electromagnetic warfare advisor to the President, the National Security Advisor and the Secretary of Defense. Capstone will provide subject matter expertise to the CJCS by supporting the Joint Staff J5 Strategy, Plans and Policy Information Integration Division, a division that conducts specific electromagnetic warfare activities to integrate capabilities for the chairman. 

“This new relationship broadens CSA’s electromagnetic warfare support capabilities,” said Ruth Bowers, CSA’s chief growth officer. “Today’s challenging global operating environment requires an integrated global perspective. And our new partnership allows us to contribute at the highest strategic levels in electromagnetic warfare planning to help J5 drive capability integration into future force planning and operational capabilities.”  

Capstone will support J5 officials in reviewing, developing and integrating electromagnetic warfare capabilities and the effects for the Joint Staff’s review and integration into global joint planning, strategy and policy. Work will be performed in Washington D.C. at the Pentagon. 

As the electromagnetic spectrum becomes increasingly congested and contested, the Joint Force needs to prepare for these new challenges,” said Matt Matthews, CSA’s vice president of mission support services. “Our support will enable the Department of Defense to align electromagnetic spectrum resources, capabilities and activities to support national security objectives.” 

Capstone currently supports three Joint Staff directorates, J3 Operations, J4 Logistics, and J7 Joint Force Developmentfacilitating efforts in global force management, operational contractingcurriculum development and training, and exercise support. 


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