Seth Manti
Director of Pricing

Seth Manti is CSA’s Director of Pricing. In this role, Seth develops underlying strategies and methodologies to guide the pricing of CSA’s services, which underpin the long-term growth and profitability of CSA. He analyzes historical data and future revenue projections in accordance with current industry, regulatory, and accounting standards. He provides leadership to sales and business development teams to create pricing/costing models and analyses for contractual constructs that accurately reflect CSA’s value.

Seth is a 26-year Navy veteran with an extensive background in leadership, strategy, and operations management. He is a forward-thinking, results-driven professional with both government and commercial sector experience managing large, complex organizations and making sound business and operational decisions in uncertain and ever-changing environments.

Prior to joining CSA, Seth was an Operations Manager within Amazon’s Sortation Network. He launched four sortation centers, leading newly assigned associates and managers in the daily operation of the facilities. He overcame every imaginable obstacle with creativity, know-how, and a great sense of humor. He led teams of over 400 associates and 6 area managers to achieve operational performance through process engagement and the ability to overcome readiness issues through invention and engagement with support personnel. He delivered this daily customer experience by mentoring associates and creating an environment of teamwork and ownership.

Seth earned a B.S. in Mathematics from Oregon State University and an M.A. in Economics from the University of Oklahoma. When Seth is not at work, he can be found mountain biking and fly fishing with his three daughters.