CSA is named one of San Diego’s 2016 Healthiest Companies

The San Diego Business Journal honored companies as San Diego’s 2016 healthiest companies at the seventh annual Healthiest Companies Awards in La Jolla, Calif. on June 3. CSA was among the 73 companies recognized for its all-encompassing programs that prioritized attention to employee health and wellness. CSA earned its place on the list by initiating activities that support fitness and health, create an enriching office environment and promote outside community involvement.

“At CSA, we embody the tenets of what makes a company healthy,” said Brenda Johnson, CSA’s HR Director. “We understand that the health of our employees can only serve to make them, and our company, happier and healthier. We don’t just encourage our people to go to a gym and sign in for credit, we invest in the teamwork aspect as much as the fitness. Our philosophy is, when you do something together, it makes for a longer lasting and successful relationship.”

A glimpse at some of CSA’s dynamic wellness activities:

  • Adventure Challenges (team relay runs all over the country)
  • Adventure Trips (adventures all over the world)
  • CSA Fit and Body Transformation Challenge (wellness and health challenges)
  • Sports Team Sponsorship (softball, kickball, you name it–CSA’s sponsored teams)
  • CSAmazing Race (2015 team relay challenge that ran CSAers, and CSA friends, family and clients all over San Diego)

So why does CSA have such a strong focus on its employees’ health? CSA’s biggest supporter of a healthy lifestyle and the development of its healthy culture over the years is its Chairman of the Board and President, Mr. Lee Arroyo. After suffering a heart attack in 2007 at the age of 36, Arroyo made the determination that he needed to live a healthier lifestyle, and in doing so he shared his enthusiasm and excitement for fitness and health with his employees. Two years after his heart attack, he set out full force with CSA’s first initiative, Team Relay running challenges. Since then, health and fitness has been a big component of being a CSAer.

Learn more about the healthiest company program visit www.sdbj.com.