We Believe

WE BELIEVE great companies know who they are and what they stand for. CSA’s common purpose and core values were purposefully developed to create a culture focused on unlocking the full potential of our people—so they are inspired to solve our clients’ toughest challenges.

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Common Purpose

WE BELIEVE great companies focus their energy and efforts around a common purpose. Our vision and mission give us the alignment we need to achieve audacious goals.

Our Vision

Create a great company that attracts great people to Do Great Things.

Our Vision guides us to create a company that people absolutely love working for—a company where we come to work every day fully motivated and excited to meet challenges head on and pioneer solutions for our clients and our company.

Our Mission

Drive value in unprecedented ways by transforming how clients utilize people, technology, information and knowledge.

Our Mission guides our strategic initiatives, investments and daily actions. We aspire to upgrade every business process and solve every data and knowledge challenge our clients face by creating a workforce that embraces and implements cutting-edge technology to solve problems in innovative ways.

Core Values

WE BELIEVE great companies focus their time and effort on building a strong culture centered around a common set of core values. See how our “FESTIC” core values guide how we treat each other and our clients.







We are committed to ethics, honesty and compliance.

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